Macat for your institution or business

Macat offers tailored and scalable business and institutional solutions. Typically this will give your organization all of Macat’s premium features and our dedicated business and organization features. All of this at a cost-effective rate.

Our solutions are suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes and types, just contact us on to discuss your needs.

Macat for your university or institution

Help your students achieve better grades and your teachers be better prepared for their classes with easy access to our university solutions.

  • Macat Analyses: analyses from the great books and authors who changed the world by their ideas. They provide deeper insights that also touch on their impact, today’s world, and future directions.
  • Macat Collections: quick access to a theme seen in class or that can build interdisciplinary plans.
  • Easy onboarding for the entire institution: if required, we can automatically grant access to everyone using your university domain in their email address.
  • And more….

Macat for your business (coming soon)

Our business solutions were created to help you make your employees into better professionals, thinkers, and leaders. The following is a selection of the key features we offer:

  • Macat Analyses: full analyses of the great books and authors who changed the world by their ideas. Deeper insights also include the current debate around their ideas, impact, and influence today, as well as future directions.
  • Macat Masterclasses (part of Macat Academy): these are deep dives into key political and sociological topics. The classes are available anytime anywhere and are led by  acknowledged experts (coming soon).
  • Masterclass Collections: offer your company access to a composition of books and papers covering similar questions and topics (coming soon).
  • And more….

Please contact us directly at with your enquiry and contact details and we will get in touch. We’d also love to hear how you think we can improve our business and institution solutions.

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