Purchasing and voting explained

Original books and papers

When you search for a book or author, you will notice we are also showing an “Original Books and Papers” section in your results. These are books not yet analyzed by Macat, and some of them will be added soon. You can use them for further research and make deeper lesson preparation. Vote for your favorites for us to analyse next, and buy any book from this larger book selection.

Purchase a book (coming soon)

We will soon be introducing purchasing. This means that you can buy any of these original books and papers if you feel they could also serve your studies or research, or simply deepen your knowledge. When you click on the book or paper, you will be transferred to the book page on Amazon to complete your purchase.

You can then use the results from your search to identify which books and papers you could be buying next.

Voting: make your choice heard

We will also be introducing, on a regular basis, new books and papers that we believe are essential for students, teachers, or lifelong learners. You can help us in our release decisions by letting us know which books and papers you would like to see introduced on Macat.

The Original Books and Papers listed at the bottom of your search results are books and papers not yet analyzed by us but related to your query. Click on one book or more to vote.

You can also access the voting section from the grid menu or go directly to https://www.macat.com/voting

We will make sure to notify you when we release any of the analyses you voted for.

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