Macat Masterclasses - what are these?

Our exclusive Masterclasses (part of the Macat Academy) are deep dives into topics that have always fascinated you.

All our classes are led by acknowledged experts who are your guides to the key events, the big ideas, and the most fascinating thinking in each field. Think of Masterclasses as like courses – but with the emphasis on everyday learning and really engaging formats. Our classes come with multiple pathways that you’re free to navigate however you like, so you can investigate each topic as you please.

There’s no start date and no finish time. Come and go whenever you choose. Explore and enjoy for as long as you want to – or for as little as 15 minutes a day. Oh, and there are no exams!

So pick the times, the places, the events, and the thinkers that most compel you. Skip forward, turn back, recap, pause for thought. Choose from hours of new multimedia content.

Immerse yourself in films, listen to incredible eyewitness accounts – and engage with exclusive tutorials that take you into the heart of the teaching system perfected over centuries by the world’s elite universities.

What is included in a Macat Masterclass?

  • Introductory video: meet your tutor and hear an outline of what the Masterclass you have chosen contains. 
  • Get a clear idea of what you will learn, the new ideas that you’ll be introduced to, and the main benefits of taking the Masterclass.
  • At least three modules and a total of more than 20 hours of materials to explore. Each module looks at one aspect of the subject in depth, with numerous examples to illustrate key points.
  • Dozens of exclusive films and animations – investigate turning points, understand causes and effects, see rare objects, immerse yourself in tutorials.
  • At least 40 eyewitness accounts that take you to the heart of events – and real people’s actual experiences of them.
  • Games that teach vital concepts in ways that makes them stick.
  • Dozens of pathways that allow you to map your own way through the Masterclass ­ Interactive photo galleries that help to bring each class to life.

Where are the Macat Masterclasses?

  • From the Macat navigation page: select Collection, then Macat Masterclasses.
  • Alternatively, in the search bar search from a book, author or, topic. Your results will be displayed in three sections: Books, Macat Collections, and Masterclasses. Some of your searches may not return a Masterclass yet as we are constantly adding new ones to the platform.
  • Navigate the Macat Masterclass in your own time and at your own pace. You can go back to them to recap on your new findings, or share with fellow students and teachers.
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