Macat Analyses - what are these?

A Macat Analysis is your introduction to a key thinker. To one of his or her most profound works. And to the whole "world" of that seminal book or paper. All in text, film, audio, and Mind Maps formats. We believe that the best way to understand and use the Big Ideas is to grasp the background against which they were created. Macat’s unique analytical structure acts as a concise, balanced, and reliable guide to these debates.

  • Each seminal work has its own homepage. There you’ll find brief synopses and gateways into our analysis in four different formats.
  • A short film takes you right to the heart of the core concept of the book in just three minutes.
  • A text analysis of 12,000 words fills in all the details and securely grounds your thinking in accessible-but-reliable, peer-reviewed scholarship.
  • A concise, straightforward "Ways In" section which introduces you to key ideas – and their contexts – in 10 minutes flat.
  • Twelve self­ contained mini ­essays that guide you through the detail of the work itself.
  • Four modules cover influences – examining the author’s background, the intellectual context that inspired the work, and the unsolved problem that the author sets out to resolve.
  • A further four modules take you through the detail of the work’s Big Ideas and examine the author’s achievement.
  • And the last four modules lead you through the work’s impact – explaining how the ideas it contained were examined and criticized, exploring future directions for research.
  • A detailed Mind Map and a short Tour of Ideas put everything in visual form – making it easy to see how concepts connect and the ideas at the heart of the work were conceived and developed.
  • The whole analysis is also available in audio format, making it ideal for those with poor vision and for people on the move.
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