Big Ideas

What is a Big Idea?

A Big Idea is a clear and one-sentence only statement which highlights the core of a text in a few seconds.

Macat’s Big Idea can be used as a starting point for deeper dives into complex ideas. It helps you to get right to the core of a text in only a matter of seconds with a clear statement outlining the key points from a text.

Where to find a Big Idea?

  • Search for a book, course, theme, etc.
  • Select the 3-Minute Overview on the right-hand panel and then click on Big Idea.

How to use a Big Idea?

  • Use a Big Idea as a starting point before you dive into our 3-Minute Overview, our 10-Minute Overview, or our Full Analysis.
  • You can use our Big Ideas feature to cross-reference key points across texts making it easier to spot linkages and to think critically.
  • Or to read as many titles as you prefer to impress your friends with newly acquired knowledge!
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