How to search

Macat’s search navigation bar allows you to search for any analyses, books, and authors within 14 major humanities and social science disciplines, from anthropology to philosophy via economics, history, politics, psychology, and sociology. We currently have 50 books analyzed and will be introducing new books and topics constantly. The Macat library is backed up by a much larger list of over 10,000 titles. Our integrated search function ensures that your search term cross-references all content that has been analyzed, which will help if you are doing research for an essay, preparing for a lecture, or simply have interest in a particular topic.

Search for a specific book or author:

  • Type in the search bar one or more keywords contained in the book title or the author’s name.

Original books: you will notice your search returns information about titles that we have not published yet. Use them to wider your reading list, illustrate connections between great authors and disciplines, or as purchase suggestions.

See what is available in a subject:

  • Type in the search bar one or more keywords related to your subject, for example "anthropology" or "feminism."

Tip: Are you looking for books or topics inspiration?

  • Browse the list of available titles, themes, and subjects under our "Library" section in the top navigation bar.

Search for a Collection:

  • Search for book title, author, or topic. Click on "Courses" within your search results to see the Macat Collections related to your search.

Also coming soon are the Professor­-Led Collections, which will also show in your search results if they are related to your search query.

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