Macat Collections - what are these?

The Macat Collection is a composition of books and papers covering similar questions and topics. These collections offer quick and easy access to key issues and viewpoints. In this way you can find out more about a subject and make up your own views and analyses.

Where are the Macat Collections?

  • From the top navigation bar. Click on Collections then Macat Collections.
  • From the search bar. Search for a book, author, or topic. Your results will be displayed into three categories: Books, Macat Collections and Professor­-Led Collections.

How to use them as a student?

  • A Macat Collection to quickly access a theme seen in class, as opposed to searching for books or authors individually. This way you can free up time to prepare for your exams.
  • Write better essays, also using the citations and quotes for quick referencing.
  • Improve your grades with the better comprehension of the humanities and social sciences that Macat Collections will offer.

How to use them as a teacher?

  • To build study maps and lessons plans. ­
  • You can also use them as interdisciplinary plans. ­
  • For recommendations at the end of a course. ­
  • Browse the Macat Collections to discover new ideas and topics that you would like to understand.

How to use them as a lifelong learner?

  • Get a deep understand of big ideas enabling you to construct your own opinions and insights.
  • Pick and choose topics you always wanted to understand or discover.
  • Save time browsing through a curated selection of interesting and captivating subjects you want to learn.
  • Use the influences and impact of each topic, which put the ideas in context, to illustrate your conversations with colleagues or friends.
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