Macat pricing explained

We want to help you discover the world of ideas that have shaped our society today. We have created different membership levels to match your needs whether you are starting on a personal journey or you want to bring Macat to your institution.

Here is what the Basic membership will offer you:

As a registered member you can get free access to the first layer of our analyses. This includes the Big Idea, introduction videos, key points, and citations of book analyses.

We will also keep you posted of new product releases and new ask-me-anything forums related to humanities and social science.

Unlock full access with the Premium membership:

In addition to the basic account features, as a premium member you will see all of our 10-minute-long analyses, which include the Mind Maps and Ways In, as well as the ability to create and share your own collections with fellow students, teachers, or your friends.

The full 3-hour long analysis will also be available to you. It gives you much detailed andcontextualized insight into the book, its author, and why the text and ideas matter. Your access to Macat Collections and Macat Masterclasses will also be unlocked. You can think of Macat Masterclasses like courses – but with the emphasis on everyday learning and really engaging formats. They offer you deep dives into topics that have always fascinated you.

Do you want to support our mission?

We want to make knowledge accessible to as a wide audience as possible. You can offer a premium access to a person in the developing world by making a donation. This will also give you more advanced features than the basic membership account, e.g the Mind Maps, create your own collection, single item purchase.

If you are an institution:

We can create bespoke solutions to support the learning needs or your organization. This way, you will be able to offer access to multiple users in a cost-effective way. Please contact us on and we will be happy to start the conversation.

Coming soon:

Individual item purchase will soon be introduced so you can buy books and book analyses directly.

We are currently offering anyone who requests an invite, a free one-month’s premium access. Visit our pricing page to get started.

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