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We need smarter talent!

Have you heard of Robert D. Putnam, The Concept of Mind, The Prince? How much do you know about gender and postcolonial studies, history, or sociology..?

Not to worry if you have not. In fact, this is what motivates us at Macat: make the ideas of great thinkers accessible and comprehensible to everybody, everywhere. We’re dedicated to helping anyone improve their problem-solving and creating and reasoning skills through the greatest thinkers from - Aristotle to Zimbardo - as we believe that improving collective critical thinking will help create a better society.

The company was founded in 2011 and after undergoing years of research and product development, we launched our platform in September 2015. We are proudly backed by a number of angel investors to go along with our company’s growth.

We are currently a small but nimble team based in London, not far from Victoria Station, right down the street from other tech companies such as Google and Microsoft. We have various backgrounds ranging from edtech, marketing services, business intelligence and research... We are looking for smart, agile, and dedicated developers, designers, business development, content, and digital marketing talents to join us in that enriching adventure.

Come join our teams! Send us your CV at careers@macat.com and let us know why you would like to join Macat.

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