Change account type

When you first registered with Macat you would have completed a wizard to help us tailor your experience. Your Account Type was set as a result of completing this wizard.

Follow these steps to change your account:

  • Select the Grid menu in the top right hand corner 
  • Choose Account Settings 

Your Account Type will be displayed on the right hand side: Lifelong Learner, Professor or Student.

  • Choose Change Account Type

The welcome wizard will start. NOTE. This is a four step process, you can move backward/forward between the steps and change your preferences at any time.

  • Choose what type of learner you are: I'm a Lifelong Learner, I'm a Professor or I'm a Student

Select up to 3 subjects that interest you. Prioritise your selection by selecting each subject in your order of interest.

  • Once you have made your selection please click next.

 Please tell us if you are interested in seeing Macat's latest courses, themes and big ideas by selecting one or more of the following: Big Ideas, Courses and Themes.

  • Click next when you have made your selection.

Please select up to 3 problems that you would like Macat to help you with from the following list: Unlock the world's greatest ideas, Ability to learn with others, Interact with subject experts, Improve my CT skills and Access further reading guides.

You can also leave a suggestion. Note. You must select at least one problem to complete the wizard.

  • Click next to finish.

 You are redirected to your new tailored homepage. Your chosen subjects and content are displayed.

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